Sunday, 19 November 2017

U12s at Home v Sheffield - 1st round of Cup

Under cloudy skies and cool conditions today saw the lads play their first cup game (Onundaga Cup) of the season at home against Sheffield.  Having played and won against Sheffield away this season we commenced the game with optimism that we would come away from the game triumphant and the boys did not disappoint.
Looking on from the side line you could tell that the Sheffield boys lacked experience and this showed in a convincing 7-0 lead for Stockport by the end of the first quarter.  After the initial burst of goals from the first quarter the Stockport boys continued to dominate however shots were not as precise as in previous weeks.  This lead to scores of 4-0 and 3-0 for the end of the 2nd/3rd quarters.
As in previous weeks face offs were far from dominant with 12 lost in total.  There were a lot more ground balls (35) picked up by the lads and checking was more reserved than last week with only two fouls recorded.
Shots off & on goal remain high (41) many of the lads more concerned with the number of goals they have scored than how we were doing as a team!!! Of the 41 shots 30 of these were on goal and in many instances slowing the game down and looking for others in a better position would have made the shot count.
In the last quarter the lads were able to keep up the momentum culminating in a 4-0 quarter score.  Final score 18-0 with a number of scorers Rhys (6); Luca R & Jay (3); George & Hugo (2); Daniel & Wil (1) with five goals being assisted by Hugo, Luca R, Jay, Wil & George.
The next cup game is in the New Year against Mellor which no doubt will not be such an easy game................
George breaking through under Sheffield Pressure

Henry adding some pressure

Lucas getting in on the Action

Lovely ground ball - Ben

Luca influencing proceedings

Nobody is looking at the ball

Time for a Run - Getting Cold

Very influential today

Look at our new official - A Responsible Adult

Cormac improving every week - Training paying off

Jacob just checking to see where Sheffield are?

Big H battling hard at Face

Wil in unfamiliar territory

Time for another Run - Only one thing on his mind

Manages to make it all the way down the field - Then a Push in th back stops the shot getting off

Rhys with one of his six today

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