Friday, 30 November 2012

U12s away at Poynton A

Up to Poynton with a few new boys on the team too.  With the team pulling ahead in the first half, the second half saw all the new boys get a chance at some match experience.
Great to see everyone enjoying it and getting stuck in.

Final Score - Poynton 5 : Stockport 14
Quarter scores: 1-5 / 1-5 / 0-2 / 3-2
Next fixture:  at home vs Ashton

Further right boys!


The gloves are off now...!

Hold 'em back Luke

He thinks he's got that....

Lining up

Back up the field with it

Fight for it boys!

U14s at home vs Cheadle

It was a good game, it was a hard game and after a great start, then an even-ish middle, our opponents won through in the final quarter.
Stockport did well though - and learnings from the match were 'train hard, fight easy', a good warm up makes for a good game and it's not over until the final whistle has blown!

Final Score:  Stockport 8  Cheadle 11
Quarter scores:  4-3 / 1-1 / 1-3 / 2-4
Next fixture:  away at Wilmslow

Take that!

watch out Cheadle...

Hey! what was that?

consorting with the other side!

Mid-match team teach-in

stepping up to defence

crouching to it

Middies together

Looking nonchalant

It's down here somewhere!

He's not bothered, is he?

Check him out Max!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

U14s against Poynton B

With a water-logged pitch over at Poynton, today's game turned into a home match for Stockport.
Off to a slow start, Poynton took an early lead with 3 goals to our one, in Q1.  A wake-up call for the home side, and they pulled it back with a convincing win in the second quarter.
Going on to win Q3 and draw Q4, another win on the scoreboard for Stockport.

Final Score - Stockport 10  Poynton B 7
Quarter scores:  1-3 / 5-1 / 2-1 / 2-2

Next fixture at home vs Cheadle

ALSO - don't forget to come along for the 1st Team home game against Cheadle facing off at 2pm on Saturday - with drinks in the bar afterwards

Lots of blue

Down on one knee

Bending to it


Back into the midfield

Dirty defender!

It'll take more than that!

Uh-oh, here they come!

Waiting to pounce

Resting his legs....?

Flying into the defence

Combined cousin strength

Breathin' easy, Ben

X marks the spot

watch out behind you!

U12s home win against Cheadle Hulme

Back on home turf - albeit pretty soggy turf - the U12s took on Cheadle Hulme, and showing determination to win, came away with a victory.
With Danny away today, 4 different goal scorers made it onto the sheet - including Callum with his first goal for Stockport. Well done Callum!

Final Score - Stockport 9  Cheadle Hulme 5
Next fixture : away at Poynton A

Nearly there

Swerving in

Defender Luca

Put your back into it!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

U12s v Wilmslow

Another game on astroturf for the U12s, and with the practise at last week's game over at Brooklands, the boys were soon on the scoresheet, with 6 goals in the first quarter!
Jack and George had their first games with team, with some good match time, and with 6 goal scorers today, Stockport have another win under their belts.
Well done to Matthew, with his first goal for Stockport!

Final Score - Wilmslow 8 : Stockport 15
Scorers: Danny, Ryan, Matias, Luke, Cameron, Matthew

The U14s went away to Oldham, and made it a double victory for Stockport today with a 3-9 win.

Next fixtures:  U12s at home against Cheadle Hulme.  U14s away at Poynton B.

Taking aim on that butt-end

Bring it on!

Just a little push....

In hot pursuit

Glancing behind


Forward roll!


Twisty legs

Man of today's match!

Giving him a bit of stick