Monday, 31 October 2016

U12s at Home to Norbury

Having been around the youth set up at Stockport Lacrosse, for a number of years, this is the first time we have been unable to field a 10 man team for a game.  Unfortunately, due to half term and a few injuries we found ourselves in this predicament this morning.  However, that does allow others the opportunity to step up and be more influential in the proceedings.  Due to the generosity of Norbury, and the loan of a couple of players on a rotating basis we were able to get a 10-a-side game underway.  As seems to be the pattern of recent weeks, we don't seem to be able to get off to the best of starts, being unable to dominate face and not gaining possession of the ball, we quickly find ourselves 0-5 down at the end of Q1, and with Q2 not showing any signs of it getting better with a 1-4 quarter in Norbury's favour, we find ourselves 1-9 down with half the game played.  A change around of personnel, allowed us to gain a little of the possession in Q3, giving us the opportunity of a decent Q3, coming in 2-1 in our favour before finishing off the game with a 2-4 Q4.  leaving us on the wrong end of a 5-14 defeat.  Delighted to welcome Indra, to the team.  Well done to Jay, in between the pipes, who put his body on the line (more than once) to give the scoreline a reasonable look to it.  Goals today from Hugo (3) and Cameron (2).
Unfortunately this one goes just wide

Will B keeping the ball moving

Jay, having a strong game in goal

Even if he is a little camera shy

Indra, looking like he has played many times before

Ben putting the effort in

Ethan, looking the part

Hugo, breaking free from Norbury attention

Any guesses?

Dead End that way!

Underarm shot from Cameron

Indra still pushing hard all the way to the end

We did get the opportunity to allow other players to try their hand at face, with good contributions from Will B, Ben and Jacob B, showing that there is a great deal of potential.

Monday, 24 October 2016

U12s at Home to Cheadle

As we face good quality opposition each week, our squad is getting tested and gaining more and more experience.  We faced a good side from Cheadle and found ourselves quickly down by 3, without even getting the ball into their half, and with a little rally towards the end of Q1 we certainly didn't have the best of starts, coming in at Q1 2-6 down.  With a little reshuffle in midfield, and a change at face we found a good Q2 was within us.  Together with some self belief we managed to wrestle the initiative  and bring the scores back to 7-7 with some excellent work complete with good execution in front of goal.  With the midfield working hard in Q2, we do have a tendency to run out of steam, and found ourselves in familiar territory of struggling in the latter stages of games.  Today was no different, and a 0-3 Q3, followed by a 2-3 Q4 left us on the wrong end of 9-13 defeat.  I felt there was something missing today, a little ingredient we couldn't put our finger on, our lacrosse wasn't as fluent as it had been this far into the season.  Goals from William, Cameron (5) and Jay (3).

Dean and Jacob getting themselves ready

Chase the Man not the Sticks

Not on this Occassion

Alfie in space, and wanting the ball

Moving away under great pressure

Will about to roll him

Jay, on his way to scoring 1 of his 3 today

Ben looking to offer great support to William

Battling hard for the ball

Good dodge

Cameron, scoring 5 today

Over your Shoulder

More support required to win those ground balls

Hugo applying the pressure

Jay knows they are behind him

Lovely face dodge

Monday, 17 October 2016

U12s Away at Mellor

What an absolute terrific game of lacrosse, between two very good teams.  In a tight encounter, and with nothing more than pride to play for, both teams didn't give an inch and covered every blade of grass.  As is becoming customary, the game was close, with 2-3 quarter 1, and a 1-2 Q2, we found ourselves leading at half time due to a strong performance from the more senior players.  With lots of movement both on and off the ball in the first half, we were able to find the goal and work hard in defence to nullify Mellor.  As Mellor ride the ball, our keeper found himself in unknown territory moving the ball forward into the opposition half on numerous occasions.  Although the pendulum swung in Mellor's favour in Q3, with a 2-1 quarter we still found ourselves in front.  Unfortunately, you could see the lads running out of steam, and an uphill Q4 was all one way traffic and with 4 unanswered goals we got pipped by 9-6 in the end.  6 goals today Cameron (3), Hugo (2) and Rhys, with 3 assists, and a strong performance in net with a staggering 15 saves made.  Remembering it is a squad game, big Thank You to Thurston, who didn't get a run out today, you will have your time at some point in the future.
And we're off!

A quick attack from Hugo, just wide

Good defence, offering good protection to the keeper

Unorthodox way of scoring, but they all count.

Cameron taking them on

Goal from Hugo

Cameron having a breather!

Our New Attack Formation

Will getting stuck in

Ben, applying pressure

All the 4's, 44

Luca, making his case for a start

Now having a quick lie down

Fake, then a goal

Watch the cameraman


Now we all felt that one.

Rhys, defending from the front

Poke Check, Dean