Monday, 29 April 2013

Dads v Lads game and Annual Presentation Evening 2013

A great evening with an excellent turnout for the annual end-of-season awards evening and Dads v Lads match.
The game was played in good spirit by all the willing participants - although there were a couple of 'ringers' helping on the Retros side.... (you know who you are!).  It could be this advantage that gave the Retros their first real win in a few years with the final score being about 3 to the Boys and 4 to the Dads/Retros.
Well played to all those involved!

Moving inside for the presentation - this year's awards went to the following players:

Most Improved Player - James Fletcher
Most Valuable Player - Danny Hilditch

Most Improved Player - Adam Walton
Most Valuable Player - Edward Hilditch

Most Improved Player - Kyle (Norbury)
Most Valuable Player - James Pomfret

Congratulations to all those receiving awards, and well done to all the players in the squads for a great 2012-2013 season.

The Boys team

A mixed U12/U14 team, loosely coached by Adam.

Thanks to Jacob and Alex for taking on the 'refereeing' and to Pete for CBOing.

The opposition aka The Retros!

The Retros:
3  Sean
5  Jon
6  John H
7  Jim
8  Ric
9  Lawrie
12 Peakey
14  Martyn
15  Herman
18  James
19  Glen
20  Dave
29  Stevie
Red vest 9  Colly
Goalie DJ

Coach up against Captain

Look out....


Ok, who's going to get it first?

Set to fly past

All action defending by the Retros

He's not a dad....?!!

Let's get jiggy with it!

The boys' squad!

Going for the check

Honey monster shoulder pads!

Going for it on the face!

Face-off snooker style!

Flag down!

Falling victim to a big yellow glove!

Good finish to the game (before it all got unruly!)

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Post season friendly v Mellor

To keep us all going before the Flags, we arranged a friendly game with Cup Finalists, Mellor.
It was a good game - especially for them! - although we didn't play at our best really.  Great spirit by both sides and a good start to the 'off' season.
Good luck in the Final Mellor!

Final Score:  Stockport 3 : Mellor 15
Quarter scores:  0-3 / 0-4 / 2-5 / 1-3

Next 'fixture' : Dads v Lads (Fri 26th April)!

Kneeling hover?!!


Little uns looking ready

Leaping Luke


Go get him boys!

Cossack stance


Still fighting for that ball

Quick groundball

He's after you..!

Catching with confidence

Get down and dirty!

Hot on his heels

Bring it back here!

Defence runs in

Going backwards....

Messy face

Not quite!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

U11s tournament at Stockport

Players, old and new, prepare for the tournament

With only 5 teams entered into the U11s tournament, it was a great, informal atmosphere, and it was good to see the enthusiasm and skill of next season's U12s.
Well done to Mellor for pipping us to the trophy, and well done too to all the teams that took part.

Game 1 v WMG

Stockport 7 : WMG 3
Scorers: Rhys, Cameron, Danny

Holding it like this, he might not notice....

Look out behind you!

Sticks up boys!

Good check!

The last line of defence!

Follow that player!

Game 2 v Mellor

Stockport 5 : Mellor 5
Scorers: Cameron, Danny

Off ma ball!

Saved by Jack?

Don't let him get away!

Dropped it!

Game 3 v Heaton Mersey

Stockport 8  Heaton Mersey 2
Scorers: Danny Cameron, Matias, Luca


Listen to your dad!

Still hangin' in there!

one on one!

In it goes

Away he goes to goal

Oh no - he's got it!