Tuesday, 14 November 2017

U12s at Home Against Poynton

A lovely autumnal morning for the next instalment in the U12s Season (if not a bit cold by the end) and with Metros coach and manager looking on it was time for the lads to show what they are made of.
The lads seemed up for a good match and this showed with a convincing lead at the end of fist quarter of 3-0.  The dominance continued throughout the next 2 quarters which finished 4-0 and 3-0 respectively.  Mixed results in the face off with 7 lost and 11 wins however more assists than last week which is encouraging.  The lads checking was a little wayward, leading to more minutes spent in penalty, (6) than we have had in all the previous 6 games.  As has been the case this year, too many shots taken and lost opportunity for a higher score.  More passing and less glory seeking would go a long way but this will come with maturity.
Q3 saw a change of goalie, with Dan giving Aaron his first outfield ventrure of the year.  At the end of Q3 we were still winning 10-0 however in the last quarter we took the opportunity to introduce all the squad, which lead to a 2-4 quarter.
Overall a solid performance from the Stockport 15 and continuation of the unbeaten run which is always good for morale.  Final score of 12-4 and a cup game coming this weekend.  Scorers this week Hugo (6), Henry, George, Ben (3), and Jacob. 

Cormack - Improving every week

Good to see 3 goals from Ben today


Unfamiliar territory nowadays

Never one for taking it easy

Now he wants the ball

Usually Stockport players like a lie down

Strength in depth

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