Wednesday, 28 October 2015

U12s at Home against Mellor

For the first time this year, there was a change in the weather, and a little change in our fortune.  As we know, all games against Mellor are going to be tough, and this was no exception.  With lots of positive play on show from both sides determined to play a high level of lacrosse, Stockport managing to get the first goal of the morning, followed by 3 unanswered goals by Mellor leaving us trailing 1 - 3 at the end of the first quarter.  With Mellor dominating at face, Stockport struggled to gain possession but managed to score 2 good goals on the break, unfortunately Mellor put 7 in at the other end leaving us trailing 3 - 10 at the end of Q2.  Q3 was a little closer with a 2 - 4 quarter, and Q4 came out as 1 - 6, leaving us on the wrong end of a 6 - 20 defeat.  Despite what we might think (especially viewing the score), our keeper played well in goal today and deserved a little more good fortune.  Goals today from Cameron (2), Hugo (2), Rhys and Jack.  Away at Norbury this weekend.
Pressure from Mellor, being kept out on this occassion

Is that Colly Snr joining in the attack?

Calum mixing it


Tough day on face, today

Jack slowing things down

Do I really have the ball?

Lots of options in attack

Hugo closing the man down

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

U12s Away at Cheadle Hulme

We travelled the short distance for a 9 a side game against an unbeaten Cheadle Hulme U12s, and came away the victors.  A competitive first quarter saw Stockport take the lead with a couple of good goals, to one.  The 2nd quarter seen three unanswered goals from Stockport giving us a half time lead of 1-5.  A strong third quarter with Stockport dominating, lead to a further 4 goal, to one for Cheadle Hulme, leaving us 2-9 up.  With 3 clear being requested by Cheadle Hulme, the final quarter was a little closer with 2 goals from the hosts and 3 from Stockport leaving Stockport with an excellent win of 4-12.  With our usual keeper away, Cameron did a fantastic job in between the pipes.  A terrific performance with lots of game time being afforded to our newer players.  Who is looking forward to Saturday, already?  Goals today from Luke (3), Hugo (2), William (2), Rhys (2), Joe B, Jack (2)
Big Hitting William

Moving the ball well

Nice Dodge

Jacob breaking free under pressure


Cutting in

Good Pressure

Well Done Boys

Is that a legal check?

Heads Up

Cheadle Hulme's 10th Man

Thursday, 15 October 2015

U12s at Home to Norbury

Following words of wisdom from the excellent coaches, Stockport came out for this mornings second game with a level of determination not seen in the first.  With a dominant performance at face, good movement and clean passes we carve out a number of chances.  A big difference in this game, was our accuracy in front of goal, scoring 11 out of 13 of our shots.  A disciplined approach in defence, and saves made when necessary this was what we were all hoping for.  Racing into a 5 goal lead at half time, and 6-2 in the second half enabled us to register an 11-2 victory.  Fantastic to see 17 players in Stockport Blue, with Calum making his debut.  Goals from Cameron (7), Jack, Ashley, and Luke (2) enabled a good win.
Competitive right from the start

Hugo under pressure

Fantastic Zone

Joe receiving some unwanted pressure

Newboy Wil mixing it


Jack and Will in Action

Luke breaking through to score


Keepers shaking hands

Welcome Calum

U12s at Home to Heaton Mersey

In the first of this mornings three way, our young men in blue came up against a determined Heaton Mersey side.  With a couple of missed chances early on, Stockport appeared to be on the back foot and the ever improving Mersey took full advantage with some good play of their own.  At half time the scores were 2-2, and Mersey winning the second half 2-3.  Leaving Stockport to feel defeat for the first time this season.  Goals from Rhys, Cameron and Luke (2).  In the next game norbury went on to beat Mersey 6-2.
Controlled Defence by Joseph

Will Leaving a Stream of Mersey players in his wake

Rhys getting some close attention

Jack in hot pursuit

Zone doing its job

Best defence starts in attack - Ashley

Two Hands, the coaches will be shouting

Luke - On target as usual

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

U12 Away at Brooklands

Credit where credit is due, this U12 side were a different class today.  Although a convincing victory, it was the style in which they won which truly impresses.  From start to finish, they did as was asked and produced some excellent lacrosse.  Racing to a quarter 1 lead of 0-7, the next few quarters slowed a little as they involved the new players at every possible opportunity.  Q2 0-5, Q3 0-3, and Q4 0-2 finalising the game 0-17 victors.  9 out of the 11 players scoring, Jack (2), Hugo (2), Aaron, Alex, William (2), Cameron (4), Joseph, Luke (2) and Joseph (2).  Goalkeeping duty was shared this week by Aaron and Cameron.

Wanting the pass

New Boy Wil getting in on the action

That looks painful for the Brooklands Player

One thinks that is a Crease Violation

Goalkeepers view for most of this game

Jack dancing past a few defenders before scoring

Hugo's turn to score

Joseph diving past to score - Commitment

Great movement off the ball

A rare Brooklands attack

Alex's first ever goal for Stockport - Sure it wont be the last

Cameron making a save

Will making sure he wont get past

Does this go in?

Does this go in?

Does this go in?