Tuesday, 14 November 2017

U10s Away at Brooklands

Stockport took healthy squad of 12 players to Brooklands for our first U10s game in over a month in what turned out to be an end-to-end game with both teams preferring showing lots of attacking intent.
We were slow out of the blocks and found ourselves 5 - 1 down at the end of the first quarter. From the second quarter onwards we came more into the match and benefitting from some good work at the face we got into the habit of scoring with several players doing winning possession for us.

Brooklands had some speedy players and we found it hard to deal with the quick breaks too often leaving the goalkeeper very exposed but credit to Josh for making some good saves, claiming the ball well and showing a good eye for a pass out of the crease.

The whole game was played in a good spirit with both teams showing their skills and helped by some constructive refereeing the players got to learn as they played. Equally, from the improvements in skills and technique that were apparent through the game the lads were also listening to coach Steve. He did well to find time to shout instructions as well as cycling the players through the bench so nobody got cold and as many players as possible got a chance in midfield.

With more games coming up in next few weeks we have definitely got a team that I am sure will get better as they get more used to playing together as a team and the best thing to take from this game was that everyone got involved and looked like they were having fun.

The final score was 15 - 13 in favour of the home team, which was probably about fair in the end.

Devon and Euan kept their defence busy, don't underestimate these two lads!

Jacob about to launch a pass

Alfie working hard to get back

Ethan showing them a clean pair of heels

Josh is looking well set this time

A choice of passes, everyone wanted the ball

Dan moving in 
Some tired looking players at the end
Under pressure

Listening to the coach and putting a hand up to make a contribution, what a well drilled squad we have

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