Thursday, 23 May 2013

U11s Tournament Mk II....

Over to Brooklands astro turf for the 2nd U11s tournament in 6 weeks... With 8 teams competing, we had 3  qualifying games then into the semi-final.  We did really well, and won all our heats.
The semi-final against Brooklands was really a 'game of 2 halves' with us winning the first half 5-1, but Brooklands coming back to win the 2nd half 2-4. Still, we earned a place in what turned out to be the most exciting lacrosse Final ever played!

Up against a determined Mellor side - who had also won all their qualifying heats - neither team looked like they would ever give up, and after a tense full time, the score stood at 7-7!
With 4 minutes of extra time, Mellor took the lead in the first half, scoring 2 goals to our zero!!
With only 2 minutes left, Danny put 2 goals into the net - taking the game to 'Golden Goal'...
In an extremely tense few minutes, both teams were tiring but giving it their all, and with a pass from Danny, Matias jumped to put our golden goal past the Mellor keeper!!

Extremely well played to both sides who played their hearts out, but it was Stockport's turn to lift the plaque for the second time in two years.
Well done boys!

Game 1 v Norbury

Final Score - Stockport 6 : Norbury 2
Scorers : Danny (2), Cameron (2), Rhys (1), Matias (1)
Stop that boy!

Pushed out!


Small boy down!

Tense defending


He's behind you!

Game 2 v Poynton

Final Score - Stockport 12 : Poynton 0
Scorers:  Danny (7), Matias (3), Cameron (2)

Coming round.....

Game 3 v Timperley

Final Score - Stockport 4 : Timperley 2
Scorers Danny (2), Cameron (1), Matias (1)
1 for us!

Phew, that's gone high!

That goalie looks casual

Keeping him back!

Semi Final v Brooklands

Final Score - Stockport 7 : Brooklands 5
Scorers : Danny (4), Cameron (3)
ok, where's the ball?

Nearly got it....

Scramble at face-off

Lining up....

In it goes!

protecting the crease

Up the field he goes

Tense Final vs Mellor

Final Game v Mellor
Final Score:  Stockport 10 : Mellor 9
Goal Scorers : Danny (8), Cameron (1) Matias (1 golden goal!)
Coach shouts encouragement...!

Looking a bit tense....

Adding to the collection of bruises!

How did he nipped round our defence!

Getting ready for a BIG throw

Tense Final cont/d


Relaxed pose...?

One sneaks in!

Tense line-up in the background