Wednesday, 31 December 2014

U16 v Mellor at Brabyns Park

In spite of all the heavy rain, the Brabyns pitch was surprisingly playable, and the game itself was a good, tight game.  With only 10 men, we had no subs but carried on fighting right to the end, even winning Q4. Shooting was accurate this week with 13 of our 15 shots on target!
Final Score - Mellor 11 : Stockport 11
Quarter scores - 3-3 / 3-2 / 3-3 / 2-3
Next fixture - away v Oldham Owls on Sat 10th January
Happy New Year!

sticks up boys

Goal! (bottom right)

checking out his boots?

one of the spectators keeping warm!

impromptu tumbling

good check Mike!

squashing Thomas!

save for Ben

kai out in front

where did that go...?

passing round the Mellor crease


magic boots are down!

Jump to it!

taking on the goalkeeper...

crease defence

"I'm coming through!"


still got it...!

goal for us

Thursday, 18 December 2014

U12s 'v' Brooklands

In a relatively easy encounter against Brooklands, Stockport dominated proceedings with a comfortable 16-4 victory.  Q1 6-0, Q2 5-1, Q3 3-1, Q4 2-2.  Allowing the coaches to give all players good game time, and trying payers out in unfamiliar positions.  7 different scorers, 11 out of 16 goals assisted, with Ben and Luke both going in goal today.
Skipping away from Danger

The sun is in my eyes!

Powering through

Is the defender paying any attention?

Bringing it out from the back

Leaving them in his wake

Well contested

Is he too old for U12s?

Lining up a shot

Ashley, cutting back

Good Will Hunting

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Chilly game at Wilmslow for the U14s

Icy astro was the venue for our game against the joint Wilmslow/Cheadle Hulme team.  This game had much more to it than our previous weeks' games, and we got a much needed win at the end.
It was a close game, and we did have a good few missed chances, but we hung on and in Q4, at 10-10, Matias got a couple of great goals to secure our first win in five games!
Final score - Wilmslow/Cheadle Hulme 10 : Stockport 12
Quarter scores - 3-3 / 2-2 / 4-3 / 1-4
Next fixture - last fixture of the year, at home v Mellor

save for Wilmslow/Ch/Hulme

Dan vs an ex-Stockport player!

He's behind you!

He's behind you too Louis... watch out...

oof! got you!


Gonna win that face-off

that's a bit high, isn't it.... 

yep! down he went 

Gang of four defenders

that ball's hard to see!

Dan down!

Is that Danny melting into that big guy?

Louis' turn for a fall - and a send off!

Coming through!

Launching an attack?

Goal for Callum!

over like skittles!

fighting it out

catching with a flourish

catch for Jack

last goal of the game for Matias

Tom takes a tumble


sending it high