Wednesday, 28 January 2015

U12's Round 2 Onendaga against Mellor

Unfortunately not this year.  In a slightly better result than the last time these two teams met, we were on the wrong end of a 1-10 defeat.  Although we did manage to score first, Q1 1-2, Q2 0-2, Q3 0-2, Q4 0-4.  It was a close competitive game, with both sides playing well competing for every ground ball, but the finishing needed to be better and we will just have to wait for next year.
Luke fancies his shirt

Good Will Hunting

Hugo Moving the ball

The other two year 4's moving the ball

Is that a foul ref?

Luke & Matthew

Adam being closed down

3 onto 1 odds in Aaron's favour

Even more on top of Luke

Familiar site of Matthew breaking free

Ashley keeping his eyes on play

Is that a legal check?
Is that William sitting don?

U12's Away at Cheadle Hulme

In a reverse fixture from the week previous, it was fantastic to get a victory under our belts.  In a close match throughout things were not going our way until Q4, when we managed to turnaround a 6-1 deficit into a 6-7 victory.  Must have been a truly inspirational team talk at the end of Q3?  Playing on a small pitch, Ben (our keeper) got injured in Q1, and William stepped up and played the next 2 quarters before a 3rd keeper of the week, Marley played the final quarter.  5 different scorers on the day, with Hugo getting the all important 7th to clinch the win.
Heads Up

Ben, breaking clear

Marley being closed down by Mr Pink

Little lad dodging

Joe, looking monstrous

Rhys, feeling the brunt of the long pole

Always looking for a quality pass

Mr Pink's not going to catch Matthew

Our New Defence

Lots of sticks in their trying to gain possession

Sunday, 25 January 2015

U16s Cup game vs Poynton As

A sunny day in Poynton saw us go out of the Cup.  A good game fought between two good teams, with us being first on the score sheet. Our shot to goal ration was the better of the two teams, but we just didn't get enough shots, or possession... Maybe next year.

Final Score - Poynton A 12 : Stockport 4
Next fixture : away against WMG

Opening goal scorer of the game



obscuring Ben's view!

trying to win a face!

one of a fair few saves for Ben today

running past...

another of their shots goes wide

Already tall, but reaching taller!

back he goes!

Go Sam!

Goal! (between his feet)

think we lost this one too

he's over too

dainty feet

heading for goal

getting messy

keep your eye on it Ben!

Saturday Night Fever?

Squeezing him out

Looong pole!

Friday, 23 January 2015

U14s 6-a-side tournament at Cheadle LC

Two teams of U14s competed in the annual competition at Cheadle LC in a day that started out foggy, and finished up snowy! Everyone enjoyed the games, and all the boys got to play, which was great. Not as many wins as we'd like, but still a great fun day for all.

Last game for White team gave them their first win of the day against Poynton
Final score Stockport 6 : Poynton 0

biding his time

Good check on Danny

Melee for the ball with Stockport spectators looking on

over his head!

Push him out!

going for the check

Luca takes a knee