Wednesday, 27 February 2013

U14s take on Sheffield

This match was a really close game, and good to watch.
Winning 2 quarters, and drawing 2 quarters meant the teams were evenly matched, and after a slow start, Stockport looked stronger the more the game went on.

Final Score:  Stockport 8  Sheffield 6
Quarter scores:  2-2 / 2-1 / 2-1 / 2-2

Next fixture: away vs Timperley A

The U12s away game against Ashton was cancelled.

Pitching forward!

Red stick clash

at the ready

man down/squashed!

waiting for the right moment


One down, now for Toby....

Tall pole!

late check?

Joggin' along

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

U12s take on Sheffield

Shepherding the troops together for a close game

Thank you to Herman for the pictures from this week's U12s match.

Good teamwork by Defence

Winning face-off?

Push for Cameron

Sheffield defence keeping him out!

Casual chat with the ref

Stalking from behind

Stick in the mud!

Matias looking fast!

Slap in the face?

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Away at Cheadle Hulme (U14s)

A local 'derby' game, and we were 6 players missing! After a slow start in Q1, Stockport tried to pull it back, but failed to find the goal on a few occasions.  A few goals on the scoresheet by the end of the game, and Adam C got his first assist - well done!

Final Score:  Cheadle Hulme 17  Stockport 3
Quarter scores:  6-1 / 4-1 / 4-1 / 3-0

Next fixture: at home v Sheffield

played at home against Sheffield, and it was a very close game - with Sheffield taking an early lead, Stockport had all the work to do.  With Rolo away, thanks to Colly and Dave for some good coaching, which gave us a draw, after some hard work.

Final Score:  Stockport 4  Sheffield 4
4 different goal scorers

Next fixture:  away at Ashton

Down already!

which groundball are they looking at?

oh no... squashed!

Not looking too bothered

He's not going to catch me!

Some good saves from Ben today

Getting pushy

left a bit, right a bit...

Sticks to the side!

One handed

Short-stick Ed running through

where's the ball now?

Great game today for AdamC

Prodding Adam!

Boggy and churned up pitch

Sunday, 10 February 2013

U14s at home against Brooklands

The scoreline of today's match doesn't really reflect the effort the boys made.  After a slow Q1, they did pick up, but just failed to find the net. A good go against strong opposition.

Final Score:  Stockport 0  Brooklands 16
Quarter scores:  0-6 / 0-4 / 0-2 / 0-4

Next fixture : away at Cheadle Hulme

Happy Birthday to Coach Stevie for Tuesday!

Skipping along

oh no! Slippy...?

Not giving up that easily

Down under, again!

Getting muddier

And, Mike's got it!


Escaping with the ball

Looks as if Ed's tipping him over!

U12s vs Wilmslow

Another home game and another win under their belts for the U12s.
Final score:  Stockport 17 : Wilmslow 9
Next fixture:  at home (again!) v Sheffield

Goalie : "are you two old enough to be in this game?"...?


If the ball's on the right- what are the players on the left up to?

Here it comes!