Thursday, 29 September 2016

U12s Against WACS

Straight after our victory over Timperley, we were straight into the action again, lining up against WACS.  Very similar story to the first game, we moved the ball well, scored goals, and raced to a 0-6 lead at the interval.  Changed it up in the 2nd half, bringing off experience for New Team players, for a 1-1 2nd half.  Goals from Rhys, William, Hugo, and Jay (4).
That's how to get the ball out

Pressure from Blue

Pressure from WACS

Lovely dodge

At least he is in the Goal

Will B moving away from WACS


Lovely Check - Cameron

Rhys is so impressed with Dean's footwork

Best Save of the Day.  If only he knew it!

Will B with unwanted pressure

Cameron bringing the ball out

Thurston waiting for some action

Hugo using his athleticism

Nice Ground Ball Jacob

Playing for Stockport, must mean having a sit down at some point

U12s Away at Timperley

Hooray!  After what seems like and eternity we finally get the new season under way.  As guests of Timperley in a 3-way with both Timperley and WACS, I was delighted to see a number of debutants for the 2016-2017 season.  As the action got under way, Stockport were quickly into their stride, racing to a 0-5 Lead with some well executed team goals.  At half time the coach made the decision to bring in the young guns, and give some established players a rest (which I'm sure will pay dividends in the future), we still managed a 2-3 return in the 2nd half.  Well done to the team, and a special welcome to Jacob B, Thurston, and Alfie.  Goals in this game to Rhys, William, Hugo (3), Cameron, and Jay.
This year's Boys in Blue!  What can we achieve?

First action of the season

Ben moving the ball before Timperley could get near

Quick Clear


The Future's Bright, The Future's Blue

Cheeky Underarm GOAL from Cameron

Dean relishing all this game time

Really, Referee?  Lecturing the Big Lads!

I know the keeper, didn't have much to do, but disappearing shouldn't be one of them


Now on to the Newbies



Jacob B