Monday, 17 October 2016

U12s Away at Mellor

What an absolute terrific game of lacrosse, between two very good teams.  In a tight encounter, and with nothing more than pride to play for, both teams didn't give an inch and covered every blade of grass.  As is becoming customary, the game was close, with 2-3 quarter 1, and a 1-2 Q2, we found ourselves leading at half time due to a strong performance from the more senior players.  With lots of movement both on and off the ball in the first half, we were able to find the goal and work hard in defence to nullify Mellor.  As Mellor ride the ball, our keeper found himself in unknown territory moving the ball forward into the opposition half on numerous occasions.  Although the pendulum swung in Mellor's favour in Q3, with a 2-1 quarter we still found ourselves in front.  Unfortunately, you could see the lads running out of steam, and an uphill Q4 was all one way traffic and with 4 unanswered goals we got pipped by 9-6 in the end.  6 goals today Cameron (3), Hugo (2) and Rhys, with 3 assists, and a strong performance in net with a staggering 15 saves made.  Remembering it is a squad game, big Thank You to Thurston, who didn't get a run out today, you will have your time at some point in the future.
And we're off!

A quick attack from Hugo, just wide

Good defence, offering good protection to the keeper

Unorthodox way of scoring, but they all count.

Cameron taking them on

Goal from Hugo

Cameron having a breather!

Our New Attack Formation

Will getting stuck in

Ben, applying pressure

All the 4's, 44

Luca, making his case for a start

Now having a quick lie down

Fake, then a goal

Watch the cameraman


Now we all felt that one.

Rhys, defending from the front

Poke Check, Dean

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