Monday, 10 October 2016

U12s Against Poynton

In the second of our games this morning, it was terrific to come up against a strong team from Poynton.  However, with William H absolutely dominating face, we were quickly dominating the game, moving the ball well, and with a little less wastefulness in front of goal, to cap off an excellent performance, we could of had more.  The more experienced players, did the right things on each and every occasion, passing, scoring, involving others it was a joy to watch.  We reverted back to the normal starting line up with Aaron in goal and Jay up front, and the result was the same.  Raced to a 6-1 lead, with a 5-3 second half.  Delighted to say Dean got his first goal this season, together with goals from Rhys (3), William H, Hugo (3), Cameron (3).  Roll on this weekend, whoever we're playing.
It will take a lot more strength to move Jay off the ball

Making sure this one goes over

Will B limiting Poynton in their attack

Look at those Eyes


Keep your eyes on the ball, Poynton

Cameron moving the ball well

Cameron about to feel a Poynton stick

Not on this occassion

Rhys, martialling a new look attack line

Ben concentrating on the ball

Alfie offering Jacob protection

Hugo chopping Poynton in half

Good check Jacob

Ethan, defending from the front

Someone looks happy!

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