Friday, 12 December 2014

U16s go rural to Poynton

Off to Higher Poynton for a 'new' pitch by the canal, and a backdrop of Nordic walkers! We always knew this would be a tough game, but we came out fighting and got the first goal.  Our young team put in a good performance, but couldn't quite take the edge.
Maybe next time... in the Cup?? 

Final score - Poynton A 11 : Stockport 5
Quarter scores - 3-2 / 7-3 / 10-4 / 11-5
Next fixture at home v Sheffield

Think the goalie might want to adjust his stick position?

take that!

getting close on the crease (wherever it is!)

Has that pole gone straight through Thomas...?!

test of strength!

Goal! (left hand side of net)

down he goes!

jump to it Adam!

boot it out of the way

over the shoulder

I can reach this high!

he's got it!

taking on the keeper

karate kid? Hong Kong Phooey?


whose is that longpole???

can't quite reach that far...

spearing maybe?

pile on on Ben's crease!

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