Wednesday, 10 December 2014

U12's at Home 'v' Norbury

After a number of weeks on the road, we finally have a home match on a cold and frosty Saturday morning.  Unfortunately we lost our first game in 5, but only just.  In a very tight game, Q1 2-2, Q2 1-2, Q3 3-2, entering the final quarter all level at 6 a piece, we just got beat 1-2 in the final quarter to be on the wrong end of the scoreline.  I didn't feel the lads deserved to lose, having looked to play good passing lacrosse, moving the ball well and involving each member of the team.  Congratulations to Dylan on making his debut.
At least some of the lads hadn't forgotten how to get the game ready.

Early chance to Norbury

Ground ball there to be won

Big check on its way Marley

3 on 1 seems good odds for Luke


Will battling

Ashley and Rhys mixing it

Aaron coming away with it

Will on to the ball, quickly

Rhys using his size advantage

Joe, bringing it clear

Dylan on his debut

Always looking for a good pass

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