Thursday, 18 December 2014

U12s 'v' Brooklands

In a relatively easy encounter against Brooklands, Stockport dominated proceedings with a comfortable 16-4 victory.  Q1 6-0, Q2 5-1, Q3 3-1, Q4 2-2.  Allowing the coaches to give all players good game time, and trying payers out in unfamiliar positions.  7 different scorers, 11 out of 16 goals assisted, with Ben and Luke both going in goal today.
Skipping away from Danger

The sun is in my eyes!

Powering through

Is the defender paying any attention?

Bringing it out from the back

Leaving them in his wake

Well contested

Is he too old for U12s?

Lining up a shot

Ashley, cutting back

Good Will Hunting

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