Monday, 3 November 2014

U16s at home v Ashton

A good start to what turned out to be a much better game than last week (not difficult!). With only 10 men, the team started to tire, and Q3 was the only quarter they lost.  The damage was done in the first half though, and this week saw a win on the score sheet.
Final score - Stockport 12 : Ashton 4
Quarter scores : 6-1 / 3-0 / 1-2 / 2-1
next fixture - away v Cheadle

take that!

is he checking his own team mate?

Goal (from the look of the net)

Ed bowing to pressure from above!

flying forward...

stay back!

bottom corner!

Toby runs in

Classic Thomas swing

on its way in....


oops, overshot!

Max looking nimble

going for goal!

Jump to it!

Sam surrounded by red!

up against his predecessor! hello to Jamie!

what's happened to that ball?

watch out...

back of the net!

hope that's not on the same spot as last week?

looking bullish

sticks up lads!

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