Friday, 21 November 2014

U12 'v' Sheffield - Away

For our long trip across the Pennines, we were all up early and raring to go.  Q1 0-3 Stockport, Q2 1-3 Stockport, Q3 1-4 Stockport, final 3-1 Sheffield providing us with an 11-5 victory.  All in all a very good day at the office.  The boys started a little slowly, which had an impromptu time out in Q1, got the lads focused and off to a good victory.  We played a much bigger, more physical side, but our better skills certainly shone through.  Good play throughout from our boys, moving the ball well and scoring when necessary.  Ben was excellent in goal for the entire game.
Not like Marley, running away from the girls.

Good change of hands.

Jack, avoiding a check

Luke, coming clear with the ball

Another crushing blow.  Before Cameron turned and scored.

Fast break

Ashley, trying to break free from his defender

Our ball!

Team clear

Ben, looking the part

Bit of ankle biting by William, the balls not there Will.
They don't know what's hit them.

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