Friday, 31 October 2014

U14s make the trip across the Pennines

Across the Pennines to Sheffield, for a sunny game against the Reds - and a much better game it was than last week's offering.  Much more get up and go - even though we didn't win!
With Red's No. 31 unbeatable on the face, we did well to win back any possession and put some goals in the back of their net, especially as we had only 10 players, so no subs.
Final Score - Sheffield 13 : Stockport 6
Quarter scores - 2-3 / 5-1 / 3-2 / 3-0
next fixture - away v Brooklands

just got a grip on that one!

good ground ball!

Back of the net!

Poor squashed Tom!

One for Tom on its way in

"just leave me alone"...

clash of the longpoles

hovering - but not for long

going round to goal

heading for the check

keep away from me!

how wide are those legs?!



rolling round...

might be a headcheck!??

one on one with goalie

just poke him to see if he's alive!

surrounded by defenders

that goalie looks surprised

come on blue - there's 3 of you!

guess who's hiding??

another good save

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