Thursday, 23 October 2014

U14s v Timperley B

A bit of a 'flat' game for the U14s this week. Only 9 a side due to Timperley B being a bit short - and we had loaned Callum to the U16s too.  Well done to top scorer today - Ryan with 8 goals!
Final Score - Stockport 10 : Timperley B 4
Next fixture - away at Sheffield

Is Ren the only one watching the guy with the ball...?


Running into a spot of bother

run through him Luke!

another little bit of bother

Chuck it Louis!

Chasing the opposition


well placed check

taking a knee??

Not sure what's going on with the Timperley guys?

gotta be a goal

stick juggling?

go for it!

going in to goal?

'behind the back' fail!

push him out!

Here it comes!

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