Tuesday, 7 March 2017

U12s Away at Brooklands

In a repeat of an earlier fixture, we arrived expecting a relatively easy morning.  Potentially we underestimated our opponents, and the improvements which they have made over recent months.  As the game started we were all relaxed, missing a couple of early catches and openings, with the weeks previous cancellation clearly showing.  However, our opponents weren't so generous, and a soon as they had an opportunity they seized upon it, and quickly raced to a 3-0 lead before we awoke from our slumber.  Realising, we were in a game the young guns placed 4 passed Brooklands in the last few minutes of Q1, giving us a 3-4 quarter.  As Q2 came about, our debutant Daniel was moved to face and we found a winning formula of Daniel at face, and Hugo quickly coming in from the wing gaining possession more times than not and Q2 was dominated by Stockport with a 1-6 quarter.  With Brooklands not electing to take the free clear, the face was competitive throughout, and Q3 went our way with another strong 1-7 performance.  Q4 we changed the attack and defence around, providing a closer 3-4 quarter leaving us with a 8-21 victory. 
Overall a more competitive game, than the scoreline suggests.  A massive welcome to Daniel, 6 different scorers of Luca (2), Jay (2), Hugo (6), Ben (2), Rhys (4), and Cameron (6), with 10 of the goals assisted.

Looking good in Stockport Blue

Mixing it at Face

Rhys under increasing Brooklands pressure

Don't think their keeper knows where the ball is

Ben using his pace

Time for a lie Down

Give and Go from Rhys & Jay - Which leads to one of our goals

Strong at face all game

An excellent game from Jay - Strong throughout

Keeper feeling the Strong Arm of Brooklands

Hugo - Giving it the Eyes

Luca enjoyed his 2 goals today

Will & Ben, having a chat about something?

Jay deciding to do a few press ups

Some fantastic clears today, leading to a number of goals from fast breaks

Jacob about to go down

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