Monday, 20 February 2017

U12s Away at Timperley B

It has only been a few weeks since we last played Timperley B, in the cup, and with a couple of additions from their 'A' Team (No it weren't B.A. Baracus), it was a little more of a contest.  Half term upon us, we managed to get a nice blend of experience and young/new players plenty of game time, with 11 turning out.  Our defence looked formidable, with their sheer size and presence in the shape of Ethan, Alfie and Jacob B (Combined experience of 30 games).  The balls were contested all over the pitch, and with good competition at face, we were comfortable but never quite ran away with it.  With a 1-5 Q1, and a 1-4 Q2, we went into half time with a nice lead of 7, and started to swap things about.  Got caught offside a couple of times, with our inexperience and enthusiasm, but we managed to swap things about, with a 1-6 Q3, before a final 1-4 Q4, leaving us with a 4-19 victory.  I appreciate its a team game, but felt that Luca, Ben and Jay (who offloaded today) are all improving massively and look forward to seeing their improvements for years to come.
6 Different scorers, and 10 goals assisted, todays scorers were Jacob B (2), Ben (2), William (3), Jay (3), Hugo (3), Cameron (6).
A much sterner test this weekend, against Cheadle.
Every ball being contested from the outset

Not a lot too do today - Apart from wind people up!

Controlled Performance

Nice Up Check - Been taught well

Help the lad Up

Everyone Listening

Alfie will learn not to put his head there

Jacob having a sit down

Will having a lie Down

And Luca having a cuddle

Thurston making an entrance

Jay working his marker hard today

Cameron & Alfie working well together

Cameron staying on the right side of the ref - Or maybe the left?

Oh No!

Two hands

determined to break up play

Go through the ball

Will on Target

Luca did lots today, but just didn't manage to score

And finally!  Alfie tried all game to find someone his own size

Not here!

Not this time!

Nor this time!

Definitely not this time!

But finally.........................................................
There is someone his size

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