Wednesday, 25 November 2015

U12s V Poynton B

In this years Onundaga Cup, our first round game drew us up against Poynton B for the first time this year.  Not knowing what to expect, the lads were extremely focused and ready for the task ahead.  Unfortunately, Poynton could only muster 9 players and we played the game as a 9 a-side affair.  So we lined up, on a bitterly cold day, hoping to play well and proceed to the next round.  The lads didn't disappoint, racing to a Q1 lead of 6-0, Q2 4-0, Q3 2-0, Q4 3-0 leaving us as the 15-0 victors.  During the game we managed 9 different scorers, changed our keepers around, and limited Poynton B to just 3 shots all game.  Todays scorers were Jack, Hugo, Ashley, Aaron, Rhys (2), William, Cameron (2), Luke (4), Joseph B (2).  I am sure there will be tougher challenges ahead, if we have aspirations of reaching those finals in Rochdale.
On a day as cold as today, our keepers weren't going to stay in the crease

Good pressure, from our two, when their keeper came out of his crease

Bit of juggling from Ben

Rhys bringing it from round the back

Will winning at Face

Luke picking the right pass

Good feet from Hugo

Just wide from young Ben

Hugo scoring

Jack bringing it round the fringe

Goal from William

Nice tight marking from Rhys - Now that's pressure

Sticks up from the big men

Cameron making a great pass

TWO HANDS - The coach will be screaming

Wil and Hugo watching the ground ball

More ground ball action

Jacob bringing it round on goal

This weeks Caption Competition?    As Cameron screamed..................... too Luke?

Not often you see two keepers battling it out for the same ball

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