Saturday, 14 November 2015

U12s at Home 'V' Liverpool

May I firstly thank, and congratulate Liverpool Lacrosse for creating an U12s team and for travelling down the M62 every other week, and I hope they stick at it and it is a success for the growth of this great game.  However, back to the game, which was a comfortable victory for the boys in blue who raced to a 5-0 lead at the end of Q1, with Liverpool getting the first goal of Q2 before 5 more unanswered goals 5-1 (Q2), with 3 each in the last two quarters leaving us with a 16-1 victory.  Praise today goes to all the senior players, who tried their best to involve the new players and build confidence in their teammates, which can only be a good thing.  Particularly pleased for Ben, and Jacob (and their parents - who really enjoyed it) on their first goals for Stockport.  I am sure it wont be your last.  A staggering 8 different scorers today, with thanks to Luke for sharing the goal minding duties.  Scorers today Ben, jack, Hugo (4), Aaron, Rhys (2), William (2), Cameron (4) and Jacob.
Will receiving some good pressure!

Jack about to score

Dylan retaining possession

Ashley moving it out wide

Coolness personified

Is that concern on Hugo's face?

A good referee - Should be seen and not heard

Looks like a lineout from the recent RWC

Hugo with one of his four

Just wide by Will B

Fancy a lie down Joe Mc?

Cameron about to saw him in half
Do we think Jacob enjoyed that?

Alex waiting, in acres of space


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