Friday, 13 March 2015

U16s away v Cheadle Hulme

Up against Cheadle Hulme for the first time this season, we had to borrow a couple of their players due to shortage on our side with injuries and illnesses etc.
Still a good game, and a strong performance from both the Stockport lads, and their loaned team-mates - one of whom got the first goal of the game for us!
Great game - lost a bit of steam as we tired with no subs, but still got the win.
Final score - Cheadle Hulme 8 : Stockport 12
Quarter scores - 1-5 / 2-4 / 3-0 / 2-3
Goals from Mike (6), Ed (4) and Cheadle Hulme players (2)

Flying Dino!

cross-legged catching!

Lining up to have a go?

Take it away Mike!

Bit of pulling and pushing going on...

Ed taking a lie down on the face

Got it!

Goal (bit of a squashed photo!)

shame this one's a bit blurred!

go for the ball, not the stick!

Hold him back!


and again! come on Ed, no time to relax!!

Good run from Sam

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