Friday, 6 March 2015

U12s Away at Rochdale

Stockport dominated a game coming out victorious 4-19.  Q1 0-6, Q2 0-5, Q3 4-2, Q4 0-6.  Don't know what happened in Q3?  Ben and luke did their bit in goal today, with ben not having to make a save in the first half. 
19 goals, 11 assists, 7 different scorers enough said.

First of many for Rhys

All waiting patiently

You'll never catch him

No wonder Ben wasn't busy?

Ashley getting protection from Adam

Is this the first and last time Luke gets taken out by a girl?

Bringing it out

Marley, about to score one of his 6 today

Following in his Dads footsteps
Through the keepers legs, a goal none the less

Ben being boxed

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