Wednesday, 18 February 2015

U14s at home v WMG

A definite game of four quarters - with no score for us in Q1 or Q3, and a load of last minute goals in Q4! A slow start and a bit of a scrappy game, but it was a win for the U14s.
Final Score - Stockport 12 : WMG 8
Quarter scores - 0-2 / 4-1 / 0-3 / 8-2
Next fixture - away v Norbury

heading him off at the pass

taken aback...

leap to it!

take it away Tom

I'll hold him back while you get the ball

where's that player's head gone?

yes, he catches it again!

booting it away

he can't miss from there (he doesn't!)

how to get round there to goal?

off you go!

tumbling Tom

Goal for a prostrate Matias!

what's he doing to our goalie?

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