Wednesday, 18 February 2015

U12's Away at Poynton

In an end to end match, Stockport came up short against Poynton, losing 8-5.  Stockport gained the early advantage, with a goal from Cameron, and the first quarter finished 2-2.  From here on in, the game could have gone either way.  Unfortunately, Stockport didn't kick on and Poynton dominated the next two quarters, with a 3-1 in Q2 and a 2-0 in Q3.  Stockport did manage to win Q4 1-2, but no heroic comeback this week.  Until next week, when we play Poynton at Home.  Well done to Ben and Marley for their work in goal.

All keen, and ready to go

1st Goal of the Day for Cameron

Put your back into it

Strong Defending

Ashley showing a clean pair of heels

Is that a shove?

Matthew closing in

Marley about to let loose

Adam under pressure

Cameron closing him down

Looking for a clean pass

Whose is that loose stick? 

Ben closing in on goal

Two goal Hugo, doing a spot of juggling

Working as a team

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