Sunday, 23 February 2014

U14s v Norbury

First game in a month for the U14 boys! In a re-arranged game against Norbury, it took our boys a while before they looked awake really, but they still didn't let Norbury get much of a look-in.
With a volley of goals in the last quarter, another victory for the U14s.
Final Score - Norbury 3 : Stockport 13
Quarter scores:  0-2 / 0-3 / 3-1 / 0-7
Next fixture : to be advised...

I know the ground's soft, but...!

Over in the first minutes of the game

Tall defending against small!

save for Ben

Hang onto it!


Out of my way!

Longpoles go for the groundball

On your head!

Goal for Thomas!

On its way in for Mike

Catch that hovering ball!

Headcheck in front of the ref! (no, it wasn't called!)

Tick, you're on!

Bottom right for Ed

I'll hold him off while you scoop it up

Needless push-in-the-back!

Don't just stare at it!

Surrounded. Spot the ball!

Having a lie-down on our crease

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