Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Lads V Dads - Boxing Day

It goes without saying, that there was only one team in this titanic battle, and they didn't win.  With some very dubious decisions, and the new penalty ruling the Dads got beat 11-7.  Despite my MVP performance for both teams, it just wasn't meant to be.  We will have to wait until the end of season game, to settle matters.

Does anyone remember when this armour fitted Paul?

Yep!  There is a hole in that stick

The Winning Team

Jacob having a lie down

Celebration No 1

Smiles all round

Why Always Me?

Run Forrest, Run

Young one taking it past his Dad

Father Bacchus struggling to get down at face

Brotherly Love

Fatherly Love

Another great Celebration

Don't Ask

Then Finally, Coach Peel is chasing Peel Junior.  But the question is does he catch him?


A Little Closer

looks like the Answer is No................


The real winners on the Day!

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