Tuesday, 6 October 2015

U12 Away at Brooklands

Credit where credit is due, this U12 side were a different class today.  Although a convincing victory, it was the style in which they won which truly impresses.  From start to finish, they did as was asked and produced some excellent lacrosse.  Racing to a quarter 1 lead of 0-7, the next few quarters slowed a little as they involved the new players at every possible opportunity.  Q2 0-5, Q3 0-3, and Q4 0-2 finalising the game 0-17 victors.  9 out of the 11 players scoring, Jack (2), Hugo (2), Aaron, Alex, William (2), Cameron (4), Joseph, Luke (2) and Joseph (2).  Goalkeeping duty was shared this week by Aaron and Cameron.

Wanting the pass

New Boy Wil getting in on the action

That looks painful for the Brooklands Player

One thinks that is a Crease Violation

Goalkeepers view for most of this game

Jack dancing past a few defenders before scoring

Hugo's turn to score

Joseph diving past to score - Commitment

Great movement off the ball

A rare Brooklands attack

Alex's first ever goal for Stockport - Sure it wont be the last

Cameron making a save

Will making sure he wont get past

Does this go in?

Does this go in?

Does this go in?

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