Thursday, 11 June 2015

Manchester Challenge - U15s Final v Poynton

And on to the final U15s game of the day where our boys met Poynton for the second time in the tournament. It was a really close game that could have gone either way.
At all square at full time, Poynton scored a final goal, giving them the win...
Final Score - Stockport 6 : Poynton 7

Pacing it out

Great goal Sam!

Obscured, but a goal in for Mike, I think...

That one's in... or was it... or was he in the crease...???

Taking on the longpole

You're not coming past me

ooh - how did he score that?

that's definitely in

And that one 

Duck under and run, while I distract him!

Back of the net for Thomas

Nice one Ed

We're not letting that one in either

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