Wednesday, 29 April 2015

U14's Plate Final at Flags Festival April 2015

A sunny day and an early face-off for our Plate final v Cheadle on Sunday. Even with our two main face-off men missing, we got off to a great start with two goals from Ryan before Cheadle replied. Our small team (compared to our opponents) put on a great show with a gripping performance that meant the game could go either way.
The second half saw Cheadle inching ahead, especially with no. 40 scoring quite a few individual goals to push them ahead.  
It was a great performance from all the boys in blue, and to Ryan with his 7 goals keeping us believing we could do it. Maybe next year....

Final score - Stockport 12 : Cheadle 16
Quarter scores:  3-3 / 3-4 / 3-5 / 3-4
Scorers: Ryan (7), Callum (4), Danny (1)

Keen for the off

he's got that one

unlucky save on Callum


have to jump high for that one

where's it gone?

save for James


watch it Dan!

push him off Danny

winding it up

'how did that get over the line?'

looking for his pass

was he wearing a box...?



Back of the net!

getting it level

defenders move in


nearly, but not quite

in your face!


good check Luca!

lost that one

might be a bit high Danny....


Luca's got it

come on fight for it!

think he might have saved that one...


silver medals

team huddle

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