Monday, 10 March 2014

U14s v Poynton A

At last, a home game for the U14s - seems a while since we played on home turf. A really competitive close game from the start resulting in our first draw with plenty of goals for both sides.
Final Score - Stockport 16 : Poynton A 16
Quarter scores:  3-4 / 4-4 / 7-2 / 2-6
Next game: BIG GAME - CUP GAME away vs WACS Mersey Guild!

One on the chest for Ben

If I duck down, I can sneak past....

Goal for Mike!

Diving for defence

Step 1 - winding it up...
Step 2 - release...

Step 3 - back of the net!

Slumping on the face


Wrong side of the netting!

Take that!

I'll hold him off, you get the ball

Goal (by his foot!)

Got it - possession!

One for Max!

We have lift off! 
Scoop it up...


Coming through...!

Looks like a bit of croquet?

Leading the pack

Going for the upcheck

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